Why Books Are Still The Ultimate Holiday Gift

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In case you didn’t know, Christmas is only 12 Friday’s away. That’s right…12! I can’t speak for you, but the thought of Christmas being so close has me in a state of mind for finding the perfect gifts for all of my loved ones. As I was looking through the myriad of possibilities of jewelry, clothes, and toys, I realized that much of what is for sale is the same as it has been in previous years. Yes, the styles change, the toys add new features, but basically they are the same.

I am one of those individuals who like to personalize my gifts, making sure they represent the person I am shopping for. I want my gift to feel like I hand crafted it just for them (without me actually having to do the work, of course). That is why books are still the ultimately holiday gift. A book can teach a person something, make them feel something, help them through something, inspire them to reach new heights, or aid in simply filling a lonely Saturday night at home.

Coal Under Pressure has compiled a list of recommended reads to help you get started with your gift shopping this year. Take a look, click on the images for additional information, and make someone smile!

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