Everyone has a story to tell.  Let us tell yours!


According to Malcom Gladwell's "The Law of the Few", an epidemic's success is fueled by the people with particular and rare set of social skills.  These people are mavens and connectors.  

Coal Under Pressure has launched a new and innovative  networking system for the 21st Century. Puzzle Pieces, utilizing a network of mavens and connectors, will most assuredly help you reach your  professional and personal goals and dreams.

"To whom much is given, much is expected,"  Luke 12:48. Coal Under Pressure believes our children are our most precious resource. The Lollipop and Dreams Kids is our signature program designed to empower our young people to use the power of the pen through writing and a creative mind, to become our future scholars, writers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.  


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Coal Under Pressure Publications prides itself on maintaining the integrity of the author.  Owned and operated by an author, Coal Under Pressure understands the needs of the self-publisher.  We believe "Everyone has a story to tell.  Let us  tell yours."


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Thank you for visiting us here at Coal Under Pressure.  You have come just in time to join us as we unveil our new services.  Answering the needs of our customers and associates Coal Under Pressure has combined all of our services in one location.  Now you will be able to search Coalunderpressure.com and find not only our publishing services but our community outreach and business development programs as well.  Please take time to search all of our available products and services.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future to discuss how Coal Under Pressure can help you meet your goals.